Version Date Changes
v0.9 17.08.2003
  • first public beta-release
v1.0 11.09.2003
  • first public release
v1.1 30.09.2003
  • fixed bug with TNT-extra
  • minor improvements in Leveleditor
  • fixed small bug with ball bouncing of paddle
v1.12 18.11.2003
  • fixed bug with fullscreenmode and leveleditor
  • improved Levelgroup-downloading
  • fixed bug with Laser-Extra
  • fixed bug with Options-Dialog and Leveleditor
v1.14 28.11.2003
  • added mouse capture in window mode
  • a few minor bugfixes in the Leveleditor
v1.15 15.12.2003
  • fixed bug with keyboard control in game
v1.17 21.08.2004
  • fixed problem with write access to ManiacBall-directory


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Latest version: v1.17



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The shareware fee for ManiacBall is 15 EUR which includes access to all available levelgroups!