Version Datum Changes
v0.99 18.01.2004
  • first public beta-version
v1.01 06.03.2004
  • first official release version
v1.02 04.05.2004
  • (game) fixed bug with bomb on conveyor belt
  • (editor) fixed bug with exits in chests
  • (editor) fixed bug with statistics and amoeba
  • (editor) added option to dublicate an existing levelgroup
v1.03 10.07.2004
  • (game) some minor optimizations
  • (game) fixed bug with some enemies and infinite levels
  • (installation) german manual sometimes got installed in the wrong directory
v1.04 21.08.2004
  • fixed bug with write-access to Diamond Caves directory
  • (editor) fixed bug with chest and statistics
v1.05 31.12.2004
  • (game) fixed bug with remote bomb
  • (game) fixed bug with options-window
  • (options) added Joystick-sensitivity option
  • (replays) fixed bug with replay-files
v1.06 16.01.2005
  • (replays) fixed another bug with replay files
  • (editor) fixed bug editing values
  • (game) new graphics for replicators
v1.07 23.01.2005
  • (editor) fixed another bug editing values
  • (game) improved loading of levelgroups
v1.08 02.03.2005
  • fixed problem with some access-codes
v1.09 02.04.2005
  • (game) fixed problem with highscorelists
  • (editor) fixed bug with infinite Levels
v1.10 13.05.2005
  • (editor) fixed problem with "stay-on-top" windows
  • (game) fixed small problem when switching from window to fullscreen mode
v1.11 14.05.2005
  • (editor) fixed problem when playing a Level from editor (was introduced with v1.10)
v1.12 09.06.2005
  • fixed small bug importing levelgroups
  • (editor) improved handling of StayOnTop-Windows
  • (editor) improved counting of Emeralds to collect
v1.13 27.07.2006
  • fixed problem with some access-codes
  • (editor) improved drag&drop of Levels
  • (game) added sensitivity-option for second Joystick
v1.14 11.08.2007
  • fixed some problems regarding windows Vista
  • implemented version 4 of fmod.dll
  • (game) fixed problem with passages and infinite levels
v1.15 20.01.2008
  • fixed some memory problems
  • added latest version of fmod.dll
  • (game)fixed bug with bombs and megabombs in infinite levels
  • (editor)fixed bugs caused by memory problems
v1.16 12.07.2008
  • improved debug options
  • implemented latest version of fmod.dll
  • (game) added additional screenmodes (like 1680x1050)
  • (editor) reintroduced possibility to edit handicap
v2.0 (build 19) 15.07.2010
  • new version based on the XNA Frameworks
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista and Win7, both 32 and 64 bit
  • (game) mouse control in main menu
  • (game) Teamwork with splitscreen
v2.1 (build 20) 24.07.2010
  • fixed bug with highscorelist if level was finished for the first time
  • fixed bug displaying large number of dynamite
  • fixed bug deleting a levelgroup
  • fixed bug with mouse cursor
v2.2 (build 21) 05.09.2010
  • fixed problem with teamwork-mode
  • fixed problem displaying large number of hammer
  • fixed two problems in the options-dialog
v2.3 (build 23) 04.05.2011
  • fixed problem with teamwork-mode
  • fixed problem with eaters in big levels
  • fixed two problems in the Leveleditor
v2.4 (build 25) 07.01.2012
  • fixed problem with large levelgroups